About Us

AJD Angels of Hope Foundation is a sister organization with AJD Connection.com started by US Filipino immigrants who wants to give back by helping needy children and their families in the Philippines.

During the last ten years, my daughter AJD and I are members of Girl Scouts of USA and actively involved in community service projects. We did a stamps to cash fundraising for the victim of World Trade Center and Pentagon. We also visited homeless shelter and donated cash and school supplies, canned goods drive for the STEAC program, visiting the senior community housing to give out gifts and musical performance, helping with the community meals, volunteer at the SPCA, packing care packages for the soldiers in Iraq, donating school supplies to the victims of Hurricane Katrina and even sent out boxes of clothing and stuff to flooded victims in Manila. Not to mention that we continued to partner with our local American Red Cross and UNICEF. We have been fundraising by selling girl Scout cookies, by joining the yearly Holiday Boutique and our own AJD Connection became a small scale business venture who sponsor some of our events.

Our trip to the Philippines last summer 2009 was the second trip for AJD since she was five years old when my Dad passed away in 2000. It brought AJD Connection to a more challenging perspective. We were so devastated to watch how many children suffered in this country which is so much driven by poverty. It was so disheartening and really broke our hearts. After everything we do in our community, at the end of the day we are going to ponder that there are more needy children waiting for you where you came from. Since we came back, I felt so distraught and I felt very sad! I help so many people, now everyone will be a part of my effort to touch the life of others who doesn’t have anyone but a real angel. Because whatever blessings that we give today will come back to us in a thousand folds!

During our road trip, every time we stopped to rest AJD made friends with the children she saw and gave them her goodies. Coming back to California she wanted me to give her clothes and toys to the children. It reminded me when she was little, that she wanted to have a lemonade stand so she can sell lemonade drinks to give the money to the homeless. As a US immigrant we are giving back to our roots as philanthropists. We are AJD Angels!

We are based in California with volunteer angels in New York, Los Angeles, Salinas, North Carolina, Bohol and Cebu with Can+Hear Foundation will make sure your generosity will reach to so many needy children and families. We hope you can help us in any way you can so we can help as many as we can.

Thank you!

Zita Mercado Demaree
AJD Angels and Hope Foundation
AJD Connection
AJD Stampers Club
AJD Stamps and Coins Club
Girl Scout Leader and Advisor, Girl Scouts of USA
Treasurer (Board of Directors), Emerson and Da Vinci Junior High School Band Booster Club
University of California Staff

Alicia J. Demaree (AJD)
Girl Scout Member
High School Student
Swimming Coach/Aquatic Aid, City of Davis Aquatic Department
Blue Devils Swimming and Waterpolo Player

General Membership:
We need volunteers. So if you would like to become a member or whatever help you would like to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact Us:
Email: zmdemaree@comcast.net
Mail: AJD Angels of Hope Foundation
1814 Point Reyes Pl
Davis, CA 95616
Phone #: (530) 763-7087
Dr. Emmanuel Mercado, Dr. Sarah Mercado and Marco Emmanuel



Davis, California
Alfonsa Mercado

New York
Bernadette Bagnall

Salinas, California
Imelda Glynn
Alfonsa Mercado
Adela Flores Antonio

Cebu, Philippines Angels
Teresita Rodriguez
Erlinda Tan
Dr. Emmanuel Mercado
Chique Abad
Roselyn Mercado
Eugelyn Glynn
Shelly Therese Rodriguez

Tagbilaran Bohol, Philippines Angel
Dr. Cepedoza

Inabanga Bohol, Philippines Angel

Lucena Petalcorin