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Baby Seth Mikhael Xeraphii C. Mabunga (“Baby Kai”) needs your help!

baby kai

The father of “Baby Kai” Yi Jie Mai asked me to post this letter and photos to our Facebook page. We don’t have so much funding and the ability to finance individual needs. My heart goes to this baby and I hope that he will get the help he needed. Please contact the parent and family if you can give small donations or will be able to help them financially and in kind. Thank you.

Zita Demaree


Baby Seth Mikhael Xeraphii C. Mabunga (“Baby Kai”)
Updated about a month ago ยท Taken at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical CenterJust some of my baby’s photos during our 4 months struggle at the ICU… forcibly born normally at 9 pounds, a footling breech, Baby Kai sustained a fractured rib cage and a damaged phrenic nerve, resulting to his inability to breathe on his own and partial paralysis of his limbs… Baby Kai has just undergone a tracheostomy procedure and is said to be permanently dependent to a mechanical ventilator.. his whole life, attached to a machine.. well atleast that’s how the doctors see his condition.. Special thanks to the people who have helped: Shirley Grace Raymundo, VI Nz, Jerusha Villalas, Christy Johanna Mendoyos, Peter N Melona Sabellano, SM Cebu’s Watsons Annex, Watsons Department Store and Watsons Beauty… Special mention to Jayson Tan, Derek Yan (Rico), Riza Pagat, and a whole lot more that I can’t possibly mention individually here.. To my facebook friends, it may be that I would be needing your help one more time… the Doctor said that we can already go home.. but we need to secure the following machines/equipments to continue facilitating Baby Kai’s survival outside of the hospital.. the machines being 1) Mechanical Ventilator, 2) Nebulizing Machine, 3) Suction Machine and a 4) Pulse Oximeter… If by any chance at all you know of people who might have one of these machines, and are willing to help us, I’d really appreciate this… For those able and willing to help, you may contact me please from any of these info >>> mobile: 0927-380-9038 ; email: … P.S. If may mga bote at lata kayo dyan, paki-padala nyo nalang din sa akin! Malay nyo, aabot ng 400k ang accumulated amount nyan! Pambayad sa 4 months worth of hospital bill namin! hehehehe…. Thank you guys… =)

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