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Electricity thru Solar Power for the poor community in the Cebu

Are you interested to help bring electricity thru solar power to the poorest area in the Philippines? Please support our conviction to raise funding as we partnered with Renewable Energy Enterprises Foundation.   You can visit and join our group .   No spamming please!
If you have any idea for an event and collaboration please let me know.  Thanks.

AJD Angels of Hope Charity Missions in Cebu October 2012 Video

Hi All,

Thank you to Dr. Emmanuel Mercado, founder of our brother charity Can + Hear Marco Emmanuel Charity Inc for ceating this You Tube video. Below is the video compiled from recent travel in Cebu last month October 2012 doing my AJD Angels CHarity Missions and celebration of AJD Angels of Hope Foundation first anniversary as 501(c)(3) public charity. I am very happy of all the blessings that God had been given me to be healthy so I can continue to help our underprivileged children.

Charitable Giving 2011 at Davis Community Meals

Founders of AJD Angels of Hope Foundation, the mother-daughter duo were in attendance at the First AJDAOHF Charitable Giving event with the Davis Community Meals together with some members of the APO fraternity.  It was a fun day giving out clothing and meals.  Thank you for the wonderful year 2011.  See you next year for our giving back event.

 AJD with our volunteers!AJD with the senior citizen who was the regular at the community meals.  She was entertaining our guest choosing for clothing donations.

Feeding Program in Cebu

It was nice to look at the pictures at our Feeding Program events in Cebu.  Hundreds of children and families got to be feed.  Thank you Lord for giving us the blessing and health to help other people.  Thank you to Ate Lynda and to all the volunteers who help during the event.