Charitable Giving 2011 at Davis Community Meals

Founders of AJD Angels of Hope Foundation, the mother-daughter duo were in attendance at the First AJDAOHF Charitable Giving event with the Davis Community Meals together with some members of the APO fraternity.  It was a fun day giving out clothing and meals.  Thank you for the wonderful year 2011.  See you next year for our giving back event.

 AJD with our volunteers!AJD with the senior citizen who was the regular at the community meals.  She was entertaining our guest choosing for clothing donations.

Relief Operation for victims of storm Sendong at Cagayan de Oro City and neighbors

IMPORTANT UPDATE! I have received a call from LBC SFO. A memo has now been released to all LBC Branches in the US and Canada. Here are the instructions given to me when shipping the boxes for free to Cagayan de Oro:

(1) All boxes MUST be addressed to:
Attention Jose Garcia
LBC Hari ng Padala Foundation
LBC Hangar, General Aviation Center
Domestic Airport Compound
Pasay City, Philippines

(2) Contents must contain NO LIQUIDS. High Priority items are canned goods, blankets and toiletries.

(3) Sizes of allowable boxes are: Canada 21 x 21 x 25 or smaller, US East Coast 28 x 18 x 17 or smaller, and West Coast 24 x 18 x 18

(4) You MUST drop the boxes at your local LBC Branch. We have closer branch at Sacramento and Fairfield.

(5) The boxes will arrive in 45 days. LBC Foundation will deliver the donated items directly to the Relief Centers and NGOs of Cagayan de Oro.

My charity AJD Angels of Hope Foundation will be sending some boxes thru LBC Foundation since this is the best route to help at this time. If you need a balikbayan box, you can bring your donations to Sacramento branch and box it there. You can also come to my house and we can help filling some extra boxes together. Anything helps!!! Let’s pray for our countrymen during this difficult time.


Zita M. Demaree
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Typhoon Pedring hit Manila

The typhoons that hit the Philippines were so devastating. It is very sad to see how many families and children suffered not only in Manila but all throughout the country. Every year so many calamities comes and go and leave every children suffering. As a Girl Scout, we need to be all prepared at all times. We have relief efforts accross the Pacific Ocean and we will continue to do so with all the resources we have. Please make a DONATION of credit cards by clicking the Paypal Donation button on the right side of the webpage. All your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.


Help a needy Filipino orphan! Become a foster-parent.

Become a foster-parent to the orphan in Cebu.

How does the foster-parent/sponsorship program work?

The program, depending on whether you like to make regular donations to a specific child, or if you like to make a one-time donation that can be used for whichever child is in most need.

a). Standard orphan sponsorship program:

For only $30 or € 26per month….which is only $1 per day, you can make a big difference in the life of an orphan.This amount covers tuition (up to 10th standard), school uniform, school supplies, and food for the child.

Due to additional tuition expenses, a child in 11th standard costs approx. $40 per month, and a child 12th standard is $50 per month. If you are sponsoring a child of that age and your financial situation allows this extra $10 or $20 per month, then you can consider making an extra donation that we will also forward to the child to help cover their education.

If your financial situation doesn’t allow you to sponsor by yourself, then talk to your friends, relatives or colleagues. Perhaps together you can raise $1 per day!

You can expect to receive an update (letter) every 6 months.