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Feeding Program for the poor at Sitio Sapa, Talisay City

Our brother charity Can + Hear, Marco Emmanuel, Inc. scheduled a Feeding Program for the poor families in Sitio Tabok Sapa Lagtang, Talisay City this month.  Thank you for all your generosity as you carried our charitable causes to help the poor and the needy children and their families.

AJD Angels of Hope Foundation in collaboration with Can Hear Charity Launched Outreach Charity Program

Last Sunday our very owned charity AJD Angels of Hope Foundation together with our sister charity Can Hear, Marco Emmanuel Charity, Inc. founded by my brother Dr. Emmanuel Mercado launched our first Outreach Charity Program last Sunday November 28, 2010. They distributed the clothings, supplies and canned goods to the homeless at barangay Sto. Nino in Cebu, Philippines. Thank you to all of you who are in one way made a donations and make the world a difference. The pictures below really touched my heart!

Dr. Emmanuel Mercado, RN, founder of Can Hear, Marco Emmanuel Charity, Inc. manages the Outreach Program for the needy children and families!

My niece (AJD Angel) Shelly Rodriguez celebrate her 18th birthday feeding the street children at Parian!

My niece who turns 18 years old  last month choose to celebrate her debut by feeding the children in Parian, Cebu City.  It was a nice gestures to give back to the community.  Happy Birthday Shelly and hope for your success.  Also, CONGRATULATIONS for winning the 2nd Runner Up for Campus Model Search in your Nursing School Cebu Doctors University.  We are all proud of you!

Before Shelly’s debut 18th birthday, she was competing at the CAMPUS MODEL SEARCH at her school and finished as 2nd Runner Up!

Lamppost Pizza Fundraising June 8 & 24, 2010

Please remember to write this date on your calendar for the AJD Angels of Hope Pizza Fundraising at Lamppost Pizza 1260 Lake Blvd. Davis, CA  in Westlake Plaza on June 8 and 24, 2010 from 4-9 p.m.

And please don’t forget to mention the name of our organization when you order for our fundraising.  Thanks.

National Volunteer Week / President’s Volunteer Service Award

National Volunteer Week will be celebrated on April 18-24, 2010 with the theme Celebrating People In Action. A signature event of Points of Light Institute, celebrates ordinary people doing extraordinary things to improve communities across the nation.

As I mentioned when I got the partnership approval, that AJD Connection is an official certifying organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award. What is this about? A Certifying Organization is entity that is approved to review and verify a volunteer’s hours, and nominate and distribute the President’s Volunteer Service Awards (PVSA). As I moved on towards the path of giving my commitment to helping others and making new connections that bring us closer together as families, as neighbors, as communities, and as a Nation. I am getting ready of embracing volunteers to help in anyway you can and encourage people to serve. More heads can make the world a better place to live!

AJD is also preparing and other youth groups to get involve by volunteering at AJD Angels of Hope Foundation or in the communities not only as a requirements in high school graduation but to prepare themselves in becoming a better person as our new leader for tomorrow.

This is still very new to me but all of us will have the opportunity to work on this as we progress. I have the service key to be used by individual person or family to log the hours you volunteer.

The Award
Depending on which award package is ordered, award recipients can receive:

An official President’s Volunteer Service Award lapel pin
A personalized certificate of achievement
A congratulatory letter from the President of the United States
View Award Packages

Award Criteria
Any individual, family, or group can receive Presidential recognition for volunteer hours earned over a 12-month period or over the course of a lifetime at home or abroad. The following are the eligibility requirements for each age group:

Kids: Age 5-14
Young Adults: Individual Age 15-25
Adults: Individual Age 26 +

Presidential Volunteer Service Award Criteria
Bronze Level

Kids: 50 to 74 hours
Young Adults: 100 to 174 hours
Adults: 100 to 249 hours
Family & Groups: 200 to 499 hours

Presidential Volunteer Service Award Criteria
Silver Level.

Kids: 75 to 99 hours
Young Adults: 175 to 249 hours
Adults: 250 to 499 hours
Family & Groups: 500 to 999 hours

Presidential Volunteer Service Award Criteria
Gold Level.

Kids: 100 hours or more
Young Adults: 250 hours or more
Adults: 500 hours or more
Family & Groups: 1000 hours or more

President’s Call to Service Award

Presidential Volunteer Service Award Criteria
All Ages
4,000 hours or more of volunteer service (over a lifetime).

Personalized Certificate

Congratulatory Letter from President Barack Obama

Photo for Can+Hear Foundation recent event

Donations Event for the Fire Victims – University of Cebu student volunteers with Dr. Emmanuel Mercado

Thank you so much guys for your effort!

Donations Event for the Fire Victims in Cebu

March 22, 2010
Our beneficiary Can+Hear Foundation founded by Dr. Emmanuel Mercado will hold a donations event with the University of Cebu Medical / Dental students in Cebu City, Philippines on March 22, 2010. They are going to distribute used clothing, accessories and other items to the fire victims in Cebu. Good luck to your charitable efforts!