Thank you for your contributions at 2013 FUN FAIR


We just did one interesting community service event of all times! We were looking for kids but we forgot that we were all children.  I am very sick staying at home today and I was so afraid last week I was not able to make it to Saturday so very sorry for a late “Thank you” to all of you who were involved in one way or another at the 2013 FUN FAIR.   I have to special mention my group AJD Angels of Hope Club board for all the help before and at the event, Eric Nague who also came early at the Farmers Market booth with Marcus Charles group at Sacramento City College.  All the volunteers of the UCD Kappa Gamma Delta were most of them help me decorate the Davis Community Church Friday afternoon, came to my house at 7:00 am to cook and help drove our foods to the venue – very awesome Emily Dorin and company and to all pledges who were very alert and ready to go!  Also KGD Catherine McCollum, our clown who tirelessly in and out bringing some KGD pledges to bring children to the fair 🙂 and to her Dad for taking pictures.   Thank you to Michelle Lim for inviting all the performers who made awesome performance.  Please forward my thanks to contact of MK performers and Agape, Spokes and Liquid Hotplates capella.  Thanks to everyone from VN Cares who helped me many hours this last summer, Pre-med Soma, Children of Tomorrow, Kappa Psi Epsilon and I should not forget Christina Cho who already graduated but drove from San Francisco to help us.  And to all the people that came if you know them, please send my thanks!   I know we did all our best and all of you made an awesome job!  Our next event will be December 14, 2013 3rd Charitable Giving.  Please let me know what you can help as we also continue with fundraising effort to aid the victims of Haiyan typhoon in the Philippines.  If you have some pictures please upload it to AJD Angels of Hope Foundation facebook page   Again, my thanks to all.


Zita Demaree Founder AJD Angels of

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